Technical Specification

Mould Clamping Unit
Production Capacity 80 pairs / hour
Station Size 560 X 760 mm
Station Opening 430 mm each
Clamping Force 150 Ton
Clamping Pressure 120 Bar
Hyd Pump Displacement 120 lpm
Motor for Pressure Pump 5 HP / 960 rpm
Motor for Pressure Release 2 HP / 1440 rpm
Electrical Heater 12 X 1.5 kw
Floor Area of Machine 915 X 2185 X 2185
Weight of Machine 3500 kg


  1. RAM EVALITE - I is designed for making EVA soles for ladies and gents footwear, and extensively used in toy
            industry for making Toy Cycle Tyres and other EVA product of different colours and size.
  2. Sturdy design and simplicity in operation.
  3. Machine has vertical clamping hence uses very less space.
  4. Mould Space : It is easy to match with various kind of mould and reduces limitations of mould design.
  5. Temperature controlled by three temprature controllers: Gives perfection in maintaining the melt Temp. with least
  6. Ergonomically designed and inter changeability.